Document Downloads

As you move through the fertility process, the Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine & Fertility may ask you to review or complete several documents. We have attached many of these documents below for your review.

Your New Patient Packet

If you are new to our practice, we will ask you to complete the documents shown here before your first visit to our offices. Please print these documents, single sided (not printed on the front and back), complete them, and bring them with you for your first appointment. If you have any questions about what you are signing, please call us at 732-339-9300.

The Center for Advanced Reproductive MedicineNew Patient Packet

Note: There are two patient information sheets included in this packet. Please complete one for yourself and one for your partner (if applicable).


If you prefer to complete and submit your patient intake form online, you can do so by using this form: The Center for Advanced Reproductive MedicinePatient Intake form – editable online. You can complete the information for yourself and another form for your partner (if applicable), and submit via email, or you may print and fax the information to 732-339-9400. Be sure to save your entered information and double-check before sending to make sure it is complete!



Some of the more important documents within the new patient packet are broken out here:
The Center for Advanced Reproductive MedicineThe Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine & Fertility HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practice
The Center for Advanced Reproductive MedicineCredit Card Authorization Form

Additional forms per procedure

If you are coming to our offices for procedures or testing other than fertility treatment, you may need to complete either of the following forms:
Office Hysteroscopy InstructionsOffice Hysteroscopy Instructions

Instructions for Semen CollectionInstructions for Semen Collection

ASRM fact sheets

ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) has compiled dozens of quick reference guides on common infertility questions and procedures that patients may find helpful when embarking on fertility treatment, namely IVF. We included many of these information sheets in our IVF Packets, and they are available at the links below as document downloads.

ASRM has many more informational resources, but we believe these are most of interest to our patients.


The Center also provides the following information sheet, written by our doctors:


And for men involved with IVF, IUI or LH Surge treatments, we have provided this preparation tip sheet:

Contact us with any questions

If you are unsure about any of the questions or the information in these forms, or if you are not sure what to complete, please call our office at 732-339-9300.