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Fact or Myth? Test Your Infertility IQ!

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Test your Infertility IQ during NIAW!Ready to test your Infertility IQ?


Celebrities having kids at 50? You’re too stressed; just go on vacation and you will get pregnant in a snap? Designer babies?!? There is a lot of misinformation out there about fertility, IVF treatment, conception and pregnancy. Now is your chance to test your smarts on this multiple choice quiz on fertility myths and facts.


Tell us your Infertility IQ?

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IVF and Gender Selection

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The Chrissy Teigen backlash Super couple Chrissy Teigen and singer John Legend have been trying to conceive for several years. Infertility treatments have finally allowed them to carry a so-far successful pregnancy, as well as the added benefit of knowing the baby’s gender in advance. So why is the public railing against the couple’s choice?... Continue Reading

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academic performance unaffected by IVF

IVF Not Linked to Teens’ Academic Performance

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A few years ago, I reviewed the encouraging findings from a study on behavioral issues in children conceived with in vitro fertilization (IVF) in that no significant parent-reported differences in overall abnormal behavior were found between children from IVF versus those conceived without IVF.  Expanding upon this issue, many couples nevertheless worry about possible ongoing... Continue Reading

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A New Kind of Adoption: Embryo Donation

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Anyone who has opened up about the difficulties of facing infertility has undoubtedly heard from a friend or family member, “have you considered adoption?”   This question is meant to be nice and conversational, but it can be is hard to take it any other way than a suggestion to give up on trying to... Continue Reading

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Poor Ovarian Reserve Does NOT Equal Infertility

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As mentioned in my previous article “Egg Freezing — Conquering Your  Biological Clock”, the depletion of a female’s eggs (ovarian reserve) remains as the most constant and inevitable determining factor in all of fertility management.   The oocytes, or eggs, that any woman is born with are limited in number, and those eggs diminish in... Continue Reading

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What is the Right Number of Embryos to Transfer in an IVF Cycle?

Posted on March 18, 2015  by   1 Comment

The primary goal of an IVF cycle is the birth of a healthy full-term baby. Doctors are increasingly using a national database to learn more about the IVF process – the National Assisted Reproductive Technology Surveillance System database.  Researchers recently studied the association between good perinatal outcome (delivery of a baby weighing more than around... Continue Reading

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Infertility Book Review: Baby Steps, by Elisabeth Rohm

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“Having the Child I Always Wanted, Just Not How I Expected” I was excited for this book to be a personal account of the struggles of going through fertility treatment. In that respect, about 25% of this book satisfied my curiosity. The rest was a biography, much of which leaned toward her inclination to become... Continue Reading

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