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Frequent Ejaculation Linked to Lower Risk of Prostate Cancer

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Prostate CancerMore good news for sexually active men! A recent study presented at the American Urological Society Meeting in 2015 showed that frequent ejaculation may be beneficial to prostate health in men. Prostate cancer is the second most common form of cancer among American men. Until now, prostate cancer risk was thought to be something that a man could not modify through diet or lifestyle changes. The findings of this large prospective study showed a 20% decline in cancer risk for those men who reported more frequent ejaculation (>21 times a month), compared to men with less frequent ejaculation (4-7 times per month). This study agrees with one published 10 years ago showing  “high ejaculation frequency may possibly be associated with a 33% lower risk of total and organ-confined prostate cancer.”


In addition, an earlier Australian study showed that although frequent sex (daily) can decrease semen volume and sperm count, it does improve sperm motility and decreases sperm DNA fragmentation or damage. These studies suggest that frequent sexual activity may not only increase the chance for pregnancy in infertile couples, but may be beneficial for a man’s prostate health.


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March is Endometriosis Awareness Month

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Happy March! The move toward springtime and warmer weather reminds us of new life — a dubious reminder if you are suffering from endometriosis and trying to conceive.   Endometriosis is a widespread illness affecting millions of women in the United States. Some of the main signs are painful, heavy periods, pain during or after... Continue Reading

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September is PCOS Awareness Month!

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To close out this year’s PCOS Awareness Month, we at Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine & Fertility have put together this primer on PCOS for those looking for more information on this pervasive illness.   Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common endocrine disorders in women. In the 75 years since its... Continue Reading

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There is Still Time to Win $10,000 for Your Child’s Education!

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Join the Heart to Heart Video Essay contest by Ferring Pharmaceuticals Ferring Pharmaceuticals runs a yearly video contest for those in fertility treatment to win money for your child’s future. It is a simple process, and every applicant has a great chance of winning, so it’s worth a shot! Contest details You’re eligible if you’ve... Continue Reading

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Men’s Health Spotlight: The Effect of Occupation and Health on Semen Quality

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Suboptimal semen quality is a relatively common finding among infertile couples. In up to 30% – 40 % of all infertile couples, the male partner may have one or more semen parameter (mobility, shape or volume) abnormal. Environmental factors and one’s health have long been suspected to play a role in low semen quality in... Continue Reading

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CARMF Hits the Small Screen!

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Dr. Suna Qasim recently appeared on SoMa TV (South Orange-Maplewood public access television) in an interview with host Abbey Finch on her show Community & Business.   Finch asked pointed questions about Dr. Qasim’s experience as a fertility doctor in New Jersey and his work with patients. Dr. Qasim’s responses show how dedicated he is... Continue Reading

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Top Fertility Superfoods

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Let’s start with a disclaimer:   One of our patients’ most frequently asked questions is, “what can I do to improve my fertility?” While we would love to tell you there is an ideal recipe, exercise, position, etc. to get you pregnant, sometimes there just isn’t, because the body doesn’t work that way. Fertility is... Continue Reading

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Semen Production and General Health

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Many factors are involved in semen production, such as general testicular health, health of certain important glands in the brain, and hormonal condition of the man. Other factors such as intake of certain medications, being overweight and smoking may also reduce the overall quality of semen.   A recent study by Eisenberg and colleagues in... Continue Reading

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